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Wasting Time During Divorce Isn’t What I Do

Going through a divorce will take time. With good counsel and accurate information, it doesn’t need to take a lifetime.

The Divorce Process In Three Steps

While the details of every divorce are different, the process includes three basic phases:

  1. Filing for divorce: Before you file, you need to decide which method – settlement, mediation, collaborative law or litigation – is most appropriate for your family. I can help you weigh the pros and cons of each path, and then get the process started.
  2. Compiling the details of your marriage: Formally called the “discovery phase,” both sides then compile a list of marital assets and debts subject to division, discuss potential spousal maintenance, and negotiate a parenting plan and child support, if applicable.
  3. Finalizing the divorce – Most cases can be settled via negotiation or in mediation, especially when all sides have accurate information. If you can’t agree on certain issues, the terms of your divorce will be determined in court by a family law judge.

Of course the process won’t be as easy as saying “1-2-3,” but that’s why you have me, an experienced divorce attorney on your side. I’ll guide you each step of the way.

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